Sunday, January 2, 2011


Your heart is full of hatred towards me, maybe it's your way of saying your love is slowly fading
But no matter how indifferent you are to me, my love towards you wont change a bit
You may think I have hurt you so much, and you may think I am lying
But what would I get if in the end I know I'll just end up crying

No matter what I do, you always think I am your enemy
You always think all I do are all against you
Is this your way of saying goodbye because you can't tell it to my face
Maybe I just have to see through your eyes on how much you have really changed

I think you no longer care, that is what you wanted me to feel
I would appreciate if you could kill me bit by bit
This way once I'd died, I would still feel the pain
And I hope to see you smile that you've got your sweet revenge

Yes, maybe, you don't need me anymore
But I still lie to myself thinking you would change your mind
No I wont change my feelings for you a bit, cuz I don't want to regret
If ever that time comes which I fear, I know I did my best