Friday, March 11, 2016


My violin doesn't know how to sing
Because she has become a stranger to her land
She only knows how to cry
For all the words she cannot utter
She is envy of my guitar
Who creates a scene and sings so loud
But my violin only sighs in the corner
And I do not understand why
She tearfully sings without a word
And she laments a lullaby
 I want to make a song from her
But every time I pick her up to play
Only sad notes struck the fervent day
These are the plaints that she is hiding
The elegy of broken hearts and minds
The sorrows of knowing

Oh, I am afraid to touch her
And I know it's not too fair
Her agonies are of minor keys
And her despairs come from her lips
This virgin cries, but she doesn't care
If there is no harmony
If there is no melody
Her notes are all diminishing
As she goes on and on with her chanting

Oh, I am afraid to play with her
For being a weak and fragile little damsel
Cause in our solitariness
I can only see my death
The scales like the waves of the sea
A sudden rise and fall of feelings
The piano brings melody but is full of fallacy
My guitar can pretend while singing songs for me
My flute she whispers like a child
Oh, full of innocence!
But my violin
Everyday she only weeps
Her tears are like rusty keys
As I bend on my knees
Come and open the doors of my heart
Cause my heart doesn't know how to sing
Just like my violin
Who only carries broken things