Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Dream of Falling

Months ago, maybe November or December I think, i had this dream  of falling.

I was with my colleagues and we were riding a passenger jeep. We were laughing about something, though I can't remember what it was. The road was mountainous and when we were about to turn towards a curve, I lost my balance and fell off from the jeepney. I thought I'm gonna die but I was able to hold on to something like a metal/iron. It was like a giant gate and I was on top of that gate holding onto it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to hold any longer so I lose grip of the steel and I fell, and it's like 3-5 floors high. The jeepney stopped and they all searched for me and they were all sad, and I was sure that I'm dead but I was only wounded. I was alive."

When I woke up, I was a bit worried. That time, I thought that maybe I might lose my colleagues' friendship or worse, I might lose my job. However, after a couple of weeks, this is what happened.

My colleagues went to lunch one day and I was so sleepy I wasn't able to join them. We usually go together on lunch but that time I couldn't help but sleep. After almost 1 hour, I woke up and my supervisor asked me where are the rest of the group and I told her they were on lunch which she obviously knew. I advised one of our friends which was just stationed near the pantry to inform them because the supervisor was already wondering why they were on lunch for more than an hour. The following day they were given a sanction. It was supposedly a dismissal but they were informed that it was downgraded instead. It was bad because they are no longer qualified for an appraisal. Everyone was angry and if I wasn't sleepy that time, I could have been one of them.

It was a couple of weeks after that incident when I realized what my dream was about. I find it funny, but falling from the jeepney is like me falling into sleep in the real world - and I was saved because of that. I felt a little guilty because they were penalized and I wasn't. In my dream, I was wounded at the end and I felt the same for them, I was hurt- emotionally.

Isn’t it funny? But I am still worried that next time I would be the one who would get penalized for sleeping during office hours…LOL! But I guess I have my luck for now…

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Walkers Revenge

So as the year of 2012 ends I would like to share my year-end dream. The night before the dream. My hubby is watching the Walking Dead series and he keeps on bugging me to watch it too. But I hate that series...really.

* * *
I was back to my the old house- my dead grandma's house which was sold 4 years ago. Apo Ising's house holds a lot of memories and mysteries. And that night I was back to that old house again.

Four walkers attacked the old house, I took a big rock and crushed the zombie's head until it die, (though literally all zombies are already dead..) Someone was with me...it was a guy, like an uncle or maybe my father? an old teacher? a coach? I don't know. Together we killed the walkers who walked inside the old house. Some other people were there too and I was there to protect them. Now that sounds cool.. :)

Anyway after a couple of hours, a huge truck arrived and parked at the other side of the old house. And guess what.. the truck was full of walkers. And they came to avenge their dead brothers..(if you call that brotherhood) and their leader was waiting for a go signal before the attack.

I went in the living room, took my youngest daughter and went to the other small room outside apo's house and there was a young man (I guess my husband) sitting in the middle of the room, meditating and holding a long sword. He looks like Rurouni Kenshin ( please take note I had already watched the movie when this dream happened).

I talked to the guy and asked him what to do. He told me to hide the kids in the secret place (like a sanctuary underground). Other soldiers were outside and just waiting for a command from the guy in the room. A crazy old woman was outside to lure the walkers and I told her to go hide but she doesn't hear me. (guess because she's crazy)

Then while I was at the room, my cousin (which was a guy) came and talked to the girl outside, asking for help. Everyone was confused as the man could be a walker just pretending to be my cousin.

The dream just ended like that.

Meaning of the dream:

1. I simply hate the Walking Dead series and even in my dream it haunts me.
2. I miss my late grandma's house and I think someday I wanna buy the house again (if I will be a billionaire LOLS!)
3. I love Kenshin - Samurai X!!
4. I would like to protect my loved ones and I see my husband as a partner in protecting this family.

                Sometimes we see things in our dream that had already happened in the past and they all mix together to confuse us. But it's just the way our subconscious mind works. Meaning of things are sometimes simple.