Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Death of My Passion

Sitting under the pale moonlight
Gazing at the stars til midnight
Seeking for something to heal my sorrow
But it seems that my heart was shot by an arrow

Reminiscing all our memories
Thinking that we're in a bliss
Reminding me of the love we've shared
With the pledge of love that we swear

Thinking of you makes my teardrops fall
Wondering why our love befall
Oh, how I wish you were here
Caressing me the way you used to do before

Sadness, Loneliness, Depression
I have felt from the death of my passion
No hopes, No dreams, No inspiration
Is there any affection?

Every time we meet
My heart increases its beat
And every second you would glance
I see the face, happiness had enhanced

Hurtful words I wish I never said so
Now I felt of letting you go
Hope I could bring back your love before
But now, you don't love me anymore

If you just only knew
What I really feel for you
Your heart would tell it's true
That my love is sincere for you..

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Luceia's Farewell (Be it from me)

Yes, it was the reason that I felt, it was that I am being embraced by those waves. You who do not understand how it feels to be in vain. Nor you do not understand how it feels to be alone. No.., you do not understand what I am trying to say.

And yes, maybe for now, I am alone. And can I see myself in  picture of someone? When I look at the mirror, is that what I see.., my face? The deep truth of those lies and silliness. And you.., you do not understand.

Like a wayfarer, I am trying to close the doors. But it seems that the fate I chose is opening the windows. Can I carry on? When will the rain stop on me and shower me with her fortunes?

When I dream, I dream of endless goodbyes. I dream of sufferings and loneliness. Darkness. All I can see is a lit of light. It's the same light I am looking for, but the more I plunge towards it, the more it becomes dimmer until I realize it was only an illusion.

Yes, you do not understand. How could you say it is alright when you do not understand. Can you live where I live? Can you bear insanity? Dark and sad, it's all I can see. You cannot go where I am and you can't be.

Go back. yes little soul, where your father is waiting. Be not like me. For I chose to be doomed and yesterday may not be like tomorrow. But today is another reason. It's another picture that tells the story of a painter's life. Go back from where you started. And there you will see the path that leads to your victory.

Be it from me. The walls are breaking and the towers are crashing. The houses are burning in fire, just like the light in my heart that was wrought since the start of war.

Yes, be it from me. For my soul will remember thy kind face, affection and gentleness. For my life is falling like that of a Wormwood Star. Someday, you'll soon forget that we met. But be it from me, e'en just in thy dreams that you might remember this weary face that's looking at the dream like images above.

You can beat them all. But in your heart you know you may not. You can draw a star to live on and paint it with those radiant colors. But how long can you make and bear all these? When will your masterpieces be, like the epilogue of a cunning novel somewhat show the reality? But all the musicians' songs are the songs of the deads, the rustling of pale leaves and the whisper of winds.

And yes, can you paint that blue for me? I can see how fashionable those waves maybe. Someday they would rise, and then they would fall. And when though had they gone? Why, since they went to the darkness and were seen no more.

In my tomb, they would see no single rose nor a bud of a brier. Or they may not see the tomb at all. Otherwise, the stars will fall and burn it, or the ground will shake and swallow it. For the sea will soon be gone and be no more.

I can see, it was the painting of a cold, serene day. And as of now, the sea does not look dangerous. I can still see the towering masts of those great sailing ships and the mountains seem calm and secure. The slight breeze ruffles the water and the flags flutter on the boats.

Wind is blowing east. I heard them whispering on my ears. Thousands of ships were launched and many had seen their deaths, but cowardly they hesitated to stop the war. Will you be engaged on them?

Go that ye may find your fate. Leave me with the siren of the sea, here in this forgotten place. Be it not known that nothing will be remembered.  I am letting go and tonight I will feel the embrace of the waves. Will I dream of an endless journey? Will I feel the cold breeze? Look at the portrait of the heavens and may you fly in the midst of clouds, being lifted by feathers like that of an angel.

I can no longer bear the noises and my ears are getting tired of those cries. But be it from me, that the notes from my fingers may safely brought you into the cradle of that Peaceable Land. Remember the tale of the traveler, it was the life of the painter whose face allegorically shows a night light on that canvas.

May you leave with the gratitude of those poets lying in that cold place. May they know that a soul once tried to save that hungry land. That a brave living soul was put into the fangs of fervor death. May you be known little soul, entranced with the light of the moon, capturing the beauty of thy gentleness. Leave this somber place that I may submerged into the deepest pit of mankind's hole. Be not subjected to their selfish deeds. Those doubts will soon bid away.

Go, ye little soul. Be it from me. Leave the call of melancholy. Seek the place of hope and dignity. Hear the graceful songs of music made from those sounding boxes. Hear their sharp but gentle sound, then I may praise Above. Be not ye sober, you will no longer hear the cry of foolishness and cowardliness. The war will soon end.

I can't remember for I never promised of wasting my tears. After all, those will soon run dry, like that of the spring hidden above the mountains. But thy tears are more precious that the golds underneath. They are made to fall, sparkling, to glow brighter than the falling stars as ever than before. That they may hear the call of an innocent soul.

Be far from trouble. Hear my last words. May they understand, little soul, may you also. Go ye, and never come back. Go, little soul. Go that ye, the sole witness of this lonely planet's destiny may forget and that they may never know.


Turning back the hands of time
Wondering how we drifted apart
Facing all the consequences that came to our life
It really makes my heart aches
When I remember them all

I felt sorry of letting you go
Coz deep inside me is you
You give life to what I do
Yes, I love you
For I found the good things inside you

You have the music that made me feel brand new
I can't believe that you've changed me for the best so fast
Oh! how I wish for you
But our love didn't last

I know you can't really stay
And there is one thing I want to say
I LOVE YOU forever
But farewell and Godbless

Friday, August 6, 2010


Descent of I am with myself again. Destiny, why did you ruined them? I am but a deprived nominee of an unseen hand. Uncertain of immeasurable empire, hid me here with my anxieties. Here in the abyss of unchosen fate.

But would that I had wished to help them. I would had just perished. But what could I do, they are all now divided. I can't go where they are. I am just drifting here alone. I thought it is for good. My heart is but a docile illusion of sober and grave.

Search me, here in desolation. Be cautious in taking your steps, often it is in depth but sometimes it is as hollow as fear of death. I am in revolution and uncertainty. I was trapped in this dark place where e'en wind cannot escape.

Ye, of noble mind and soul, you are all but free. And what can I see, your hearts are filled with deceits. You are all lured with selfish deeds. Was it because you love each other too much? But why would you fly just to fall. Did you wish to climb, to jump to that lying pit of mankind's hole? It was almost as blue as the bluish black space. Wind, help me to breathe for I can't stand them. They thought that you Fate is inevitable for them to see.

In that galaxy, I can feel but we were all but falling planets. Our lights were in dim. The stars are crashing, all but declining. Why did a curse was put on us? Why can't we live this lonely life? Will we die all in vain, with that epitaph in an unseen place? But we can fly again, only our wings were torn by the war. So we can't fly again. No. E'en just by holding each other,for faith was lost amidst our wonders.

And yet, it was the air of dignity.., yes it was the soft breeze. The brush of the soft breeze in my cheeks. It was a gentle tune, that aided me with the whirl of adversity. I know it will last to heal me with those wounds. Gale, it was your strong current, that rumor..that power of breathing. It was not just an empty talk. It was that air, bearing a scent.

Mystery..puzzled by the mourning age of truths and beliefs. I would like to go where you maybe, but I can't leave my duty. Behind, some mornings will be surrounded by those fictitious smiles. I would swear they were all but lies.

Underneath, there was a windstorm. I can see it and I can feel it. But for Humanity, I can't leave. For in this place I have promises to keep. I can't help but wince myself.

I bid on you..for I can't go where you maybe. But how I wish to see you all. I would blow the mocks of those  greedy souls.., they who are trying to capture you with their deceiving words.

But as of now, hide me here with your silence, here in your touch of gentleness. My hands are none but a licensed poet. With those dignified treasures of laughter, your unseen dimension will be mine - whispering in an autumn day. You can keep me safe as long as I can feel you blow..

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Destroyers (excerpt)

Clouds...all a mist. Deceived by the uncertainty of the feelings. With that tame heart, caught by the fogs, rebelled against the falling stars.

Yet, how long can she endure? Can she survive alone? Can she see behind those clouds? No one, neither her twin knows. The dim of heavens show how high she was confused.

It was a mistake, and she was sure. She can feel was that flash of light in the sky, caused by the fondness of winds. How ruthless it can was the blue, their progeny. With their obscure words, it was her who only understands.

She saw it, the atmosphere discharge. She can feel it crawling inside her. Where would she go? Still she doesn't know. She wants to sail and be succumb by the waves, it's what I'm sure of. The raindrops are now falling. Hear them. They fall rapidly to the forests. I know, she would love to see them fall on those trees and vines. I know she knows, they were no longer stars to be called. But I know, she loves them.

'Cuz now, she can see, what's that foible inside her. That small weakness in her character. And still she was called a loser.

Look at her..lorn by the chastise of their chosen fate. Why would they want that fate? Why that foolishness? But I know, she loves the wind.., water always love the wind. See, what's that future she was going...

Lightning, would she just strike again?

Survive, oh thunder..roar a loud as you can. But she was a silence. Was it only an allusion? That massive clouds are not the solutions. Heed the wrath of heavens. I know, there she would just try to strike again.

The Lonely Sea

The lonely can it be? Is it like the emptiness of the galaxies that's moving towards an infinite space.., or maybe, it may like be the eyes of a child filled with nuisance and deceits.

My dreams are like bottomless pit, that's like the horizon that keeps on stretching. Can I reach the zenith wondering where could it be? But the sea, obstinacy is enveloping that great sea. Obscurity is the progeny of that risky reality.

Can I rinse my hands? No...can I fly above the sea? For I may never know, those sharp rebukes are crawling like that of a falling dome, and beneath, valor may you be known, for enmity is spreading and fooling my soul.

Hark the glassy hidden bridge of mankind's greatest doom. May it glaze through the shore and be lost on forever. For this plaint may be found on the piteous smile of rivalry. It can mock the heart as pure as a devotee, or melt even the hardest core of fortitude.

But I can't let them go and give dirt to those young lighted hearts. I heard they were floating with their anxieties, leaving the soft breeze behind. Yet it may be hard. How could I choose between death and life if life means death and death means life? Sigh . It's all I can do. Just leave them behind, they may not know. They may not understand.

What's only left, the will to survive. The luminous light is o'er the line. In the end they were all lies, leaving the blueprints on their hands. Who can guess where they maybe? They were all but turbulence of sea.

Can I go? But still am wandering.'s all in my mind. Fate is leaving behind. Courage, it's all I need. Vanity is where it leads. Hope, how could it bid. The dreams are lying there beneath. Those lives estrange by selfish deeds. Tired of lies, be bold to lead.

Can I see that erinite? Curve's of masks, mariners at ease. The shape of the moon at the shore is dancing with the tune of that lyric poem awaiting.

In my hand, I know it lies -- fate for all my queries. May they go within your heart and find the place they always want. Could I choose between life and death? Could I choose between black or red, or the blue and green on that brilliant sky, with the sprite all dancing on some secret vale.

Hear the cry of lamentations. Hear those weary souls. They maybe embraced by the earth's core, and they can't hide just like before. Hear the songs of melancholy. All they need is a solace. Will I give my veins that their blood may flow again with their beating soothes?

Whisper, oh, wind..whisper again. That I may fall asleep. Solace, yes, it's all I need after the storm had wrecked my ship. Sing oh sea, sing again. That I may feel like safe in a cradle. Hide my shadow, light.., I want to feel again like a child.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Song of the Sea

everything is a maze,everything seems to be misleading..sometimes, we fall into a deep sleep where we never seem to wake up!oh, pour in the agony of their royaL brawls!this is their chosen fate!woe to them, VAI DOM!woe to them! for i may never know...these sharp rebukes are crawling like that of a falling dome..and beneath, valor..may you be known, for enmity is spreading and fooling my soul.

hark the glassy hidden bridge of mankind's greatest doom! may it glaze through the shore and be lost on forever. cuz these plaints may be found in the piteous smile of rivalry. it can mock even the loneliest sea!

when i dream, i dream of endless goodbyes...i dream of sufferings and longings!of weary, weary souls..yes...they were living in the agony of their royaL BraWLs!!

oh, wind..come once again to me..
join me in the higher calling...
cuz tomorrow, i may never wake up..
so come soon and save me from this curse of aloneness.. cuz tomorrow, oh..tomorrow..if i let you go, i know i will regret that moment..sing to me your songs, maybe i might remember..maybe, yes..only maybe..cuz it's true..the sea waits...but it only waits for the right don't take it any longer, for we might miss the chance!

sing, oh sea..sing again that i may fall asleep..solace,'s all we need after the storm had wrecked our ship.
whisper oh wind, whisper again...that i may feel like safe in a cradle...light, let my shadow hide..i want to feel again like a child....

White Stairs

white flowers blossom
in the hearts of those who believe
in a world where you feel so alone
in a world full of spirits
take my hands
we can wonder
all in one night

and the emptiness that you feel inside
will be swept away
if were together

believe in the way you fly
(this is where the wind calls me)
love cannot be deny
and time will set you free
to the truth 
that your dreams can come true tonight

the fragrance of white flowers fill the air
where inside,
the white stairs are waiting...

February Plaints III

Silence is talking. it keeps on serenading me. "love me, not him" "yes, i will.." this is the end of my plaints and i want it to be the last.

come here, i will take you to the stairs. pease forgive me, for the light is blinding me, now i can't still see your face. please understand this, Silence is calling me. and please forgive me, for He said my heart doesn't belong to you, but to the guy on the white stairs. i'm sorry for he has been long waiting for me.

"forgive me, forgive me...
i conceived her too soon
forgive me, forgive me
she came before the full moon
forgive me, forgive me
if i let her die
i only wanted you to be free
and to love you with no lie"

now, silence is waiting, but lo! is this reality? i can hear Silence cry, and oh, it's telling me "don't loose your faith on me, my child." so i marveled at His words, and said, "forgive me, vai Dom, what have i done? did i deserve to die with no one?" Silence said, "No!but youre loosing faith on me! why did you looked below? the beasts are waiting there to devour you!look up, the guy on the white stairs is waiting for you.."

"No! i can't see! i was blinded with my frailties!" so together, we cried....

the Silence is whispering, the Silence is crying. I am embedded with my agonies, i was hidden behind her memories..

"why did You let me love him in my dreams?"

then, Silence sings His plaints, "oh, my poor child..oh, my beloved child...come here and take a rest because you are so tired.."

please, take the darkness away from me! oh, Silence..please hear my melancholy! the angel is waiting by the window. he wanted to sleep beside me, he wanted to steal me away from reality! Oh, angel, why are you so desperate in your sanction? who told you to reveal your wraths? who told you to steal my dreams? for in my past, i was only in desolation, but now my fears are coming back! oh, LOVE's most faithful enemy, FEAR flee away from me! For Silence is waiting, and this would be the end of my plaints. Love is now in her bed, just waiting for the Silence' serenade..

forgive me,forgive me..
don't loose your faith on me

"oh life, life
you are so cruel to those 
who never wait..
so i will wait 
until i come to know
who owns that face..."

February Plaints II

 was praying hard as the sun goes down. i was thinking of you, but i know you are thinking of words, no voices, only the silence speaks. everything seems uncertain, vague, we were both asking, "is this God's will?" only the space remains concrete.

then God let you remember her voice. but why did He sounded it inside your head? now you said, you wanted to see her. so i was wondering, i was praying hard, i was confused, i was in fiery jealousy...

then one day, you came to me saying, "i was looking for her in my dreams, but how come i didn't see her?" now, i tried to comfort you, but the words didn't came out right. i don't want you to come. i don't want to tell you that she's gone.

but your words are too powerful, i can't stop them. it was too painful to bear. in those words was your hidden anger. she's gone, but no, not her memories. the wind is singing her song. how come i coud feel her breathing? oh, is it her voice or just the song of the wind? i didn't know everything that she said to the wind..but the wind, the wind...i can hear it blowing.."i want to see him,i want to see him.."

so i was terrified, her memories are touching me, disturbing my night's serenity. crawling beneath my veins, lingering in my dreams. oh, profound misery, you must know that she died missing you. but no words, no voices, only the silence speaks. everything seems uncertain, vague and we were both asking, "is this God's will?"

then SILENCE told me, "everything would be over, like a night is not forever." then, i pleaded to the Silence, "please, don't tell her!" but He said, "love is made not to keep hidden" oh, silence had already talked to her!

once more, i saw you in my dream, you told me she's gone. you are in deep pain, your eyes are filled with tears. i was caught in anguish, oh, i was in fiery jealousy!!would i tell you? would i ask you? i can't...i just can' i was asking the silence what would i do, He said, "let him rest.."

February Plaints I

"this is a cruel piece of poem
telling you she's gone
this is a plaint of miseries
whispering, your friend is nowhere to be found"

while your gone, there was no single time, nor moment that she failed to think of you. she's whispering your name to the wind, and the wind serenades her and tries to give her comfort. maybe you could ask the wind, it was echoing your name whereever it goes.

oh, the gentle tune of serenity had swallowed her. her profound misery has caused her death while she was missing you. so we just let her live in her dreams, now she is dreaming of you. no!no! never awaken love, for it's not yet ready to take blown.

now, wayfarer, would you still comeback? her memories are hangin' on the cliffs. ask the wind, maybe it knows were she lay asleep. she kept her secrets deep down the sea, while the sea succumbed her. but she had left all her songs by the wind, her soothing fren. maybe you could hear it in the air, may they go gently in your heart.

but would you look for her, please don't cuz you will never find her. she's buried deep down the abyss of unchosen fate. or maybe, you could wake her up. maybe, if she'll hear your voice again, maybe it would bring her a breath of life. maybe if she will hear your songs, just maybe, im not too sure..

for she has died in agony. she has died in despair. her heart has burst, now it was broken into pieces. she kept a love suppressed! she can't..she can't...oh, i can still hear her whisper..."if only he was mine...."

this is a cruel piece of poem
telling your friend is gone
this is a plaint of miseries
whispering your friend is nowhere to be found