Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Unconditional Love

I know some of you doesn't believe in unconditional love. I am not at liberty to judge one's opinion. I do not wish to convince you either if you should believe or not. I will also not tell you if it is true or not. I would just like to tell you my dream tonight and at the end it will still be you who will decide what is right.

'There is no greater love than this, than a man will give his life for a friend".

I met this guy not long ago and upon meeting my eyes with his I knew he was the one. I heard the wind whispered, 'It is him'. A sudden chill run into my veins and the cold wind engulfed me. I have been waiting for that day to come and I didn't even realize I received a gift from God the very minute I laid my eyes on him- that is the gift to love. I didn't even think it would be possible to love someone which you knew nothing about. Is that the seed which was given by God, that you need to plant in your heart which needs to grow?

The seed will grow though you don't want it to. It is the love's nature- to grow in abundance. The more you stop it the more it keeps on getting stronger because it is God who waters the seed through the rains and it is Him who makes it grow to a plant.

If you give a gift to someone, will you plan to take it away from that person? I don't think so. When God told the man and woman to love each other it is a command. But the feelings you feel for the other person, I think that is the gift. That is the reason why we take pleasure in doing the command..we love in joy. What a pity to throw away your gift just because you have not received something in return.

If everyone will love someone because they want something in return, how pity for mankind to be loved by God just because He needs something in return from us! If God loves us unconditionally, would He like us to love our partners with conditions? Did God told the man to love his woman so that he can expect something from her? Did God said that man cannot love the way He loves us? Yes, we are not God but didn't He asked us to be like Him?

My question to myself is, 'Should I give an unconditional love?'

With that I have to decide, should I want or should I not. If I should do it, then can it be true. If I can not do it, does it mean that it is no longer true?

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