Thursday, July 29, 2010


I asked you once, "would you recall me, if ever by chance we'll meet each other in Heaven?" You said, "maybe..., yes maybe..." but still it was a hesitant answer. i told myself, i wanna know. if God would give me a reward in Heaven, i want it to be 'my memories of you.' But could i ask for a reward? oh, how i wish i could!
You said, man is prone to be infinite, i honestly cannot understand what you mean by that. We were talking about eternity, on how God placed eTeRniTy in the hearts of man. I was confused, i don't understand a thing! They said we have a longing to know what lies behind tomorrow. God placed that in our hearts but He didn't gave us the ability to understand the things that He made from the beginning up to the end. I was looking at you and you were telling something but i cannot comprehend your words. I just wanted to know if you will recall me if ever we'll meet in Heaven.
Then, i prayed that God might open my heart. And one more time, i looked at you. You seemed happy with your thoughts. But still i'm not yet contented. I asked myself, "how would it feel to love you in eternity?" But love is not a feeling, so i might not feel. Feelings sometimes hinder the truths. And i want to break through it.
I asked God again, can a woman love a man beyond time and space? Would HE let someone's memory last forever? Oh, but then you said, man is prone to be infinite. When i asked you, if you would recall me in Heaven, i wanted you to say NO, but you didn't. Because if ever you did, i could have told you, "i wish your love is infinite." And that's what eternity means to me.

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