Tuesday, July 20, 2010

yesterday, my nightmare

My yesterday dropped by today and I have to say "Hi" to her. "Good morning Miss, how are you doing", she asked me. In my mind I would just like to ignore her because somehow I felt the old pain again. Never mind, I have to face her in that way I can send her away peacefully.

Yesterday, I know what you are thinking because you are my friend. But friends always come and go until they will just forget. So now, I do not know you but that is not a problem. You know it is better not to meet again, in that way we cannot hurt each other. I think I'll just remember the good things we had together so we can humbly say it is all over.

Nightmares do come and go, but my yesterday you will always be a part of me that I need to let go. Today I need to face my present because it is a gift from God. Let me rest from the memories of our old dark past.

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