Tuesday, August 3, 2010

February Plaints I

"this is a cruel piece of poem
telling you she's gone
this is a plaint of miseries
whispering, your friend is nowhere to be found"

while your gone, there was no single time, nor moment that she failed to think of you. she's whispering your name to the wind, and the wind serenades her and tries to give her comfort. maybe you could ask the wind, it was echoing your name whereever it goes.

oh, the gentle tune of serenity had swallowed her. her profound misery has caused her death while she was missing you. so we just let her live in her dreams, now she is dreaming of you. no!no! never awaken love, for it's not yet ready to take blown.

now, wayfarer, would you still comeback? her memories are hangin' on the cliffs. ask the wind, maybe it knows were she lay asleep. she kept her secrets deep down the sea, while the sea succumbed her. but she had left all her songs by the wind, her soothing fren. maybe you could hear it in the air, may they go gently in your heart.

but would you look for her, please don't cuz you will never find her. she's buried deep down the abyss of unchosen fate. or maybe, you could wake her up. maybe, if she'll hear your voice again, maybe it would bring her a breath of life. maybe if she will hear your songs, just maybe, im not too sure..

for she has died in agony. she has died in despair. her heart has burst, now it was broken into pieces. she kept a love suppressed! she can't..she can't...oh, i can still hear her whisper..."if only he was mine...."

this is a cruel piece of poem
telling your friend is gone
this is a plaint of miseries
whispering your friend is nowhere to be found

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