Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Lonely Sea

The lonely can it be? Is it like the emptiness of the galaxies that's moving towards an infinite space.., or maybe, it may like be the eyes of a child filled with nuisance and deceits.

My dreams are like bottomless pit, that's like the horizon that keeps on stretching. Can I reach the zenith wondering where could it be? But the sea, obstinacy is enveloping that great sea. Obscurity is the progeny of that risky reality.

Can I rinse my hands? No...can I fly above the sea? For I may never know, those sharp rebukes are crawling like that of a falling dome, and beneath, valor may you be known, for enmity is spreading and fooling my soul.

Hark the glassy hidden bridge of mankind's greatest doom. May it glaze through the shore and be lost on forever. For this plaint may be found on the piteous smile of rivalry. It can mock the heart as pure as a devotee, or melt even the hardest core of fortitude.

But I can't let them go and give dirt to those young lighted hearts. I heard they were floating with their anxieties, leaving the soft breeze behind. Yet it may be hard. How could I choose between death and life if life means death and death means life? Sigh . It's all I can do. Just leave them behind, they may not know. They may not understand.

What's only left, the will to survive. The luminous light is o'er the line. In the end they were all lies, leaving the blueprints on their hands. Who can guess where they maybe? They were all but turbulence of sea.

Can I go? But still am wandering.'s all in my mind. Fate is leaving behind. Courage, it's all I need. Vanity is where it leads. Hope, how could it bid. The dreams are lying there beneath. Those lives estrange by selfish deeds. Tired of lies, be bold to lead.

Can I see that erinite? Curve's of masks, mariners at ease. The shape of the moon at the shore is dancing with the tune of that lyric poem awaiting.

In my hand, I know it lies -- fate for all my queries. May they go within your heart and find the place they always want. Could I choose between life and death? Could I choose between black or red, or the blue and green on that brilliant sky, with the sprite all dancing on some secret vale.

Hear the cry of lamentations. Hear those weary souls. They maybe embraced by the earth's core, and they can't hide just like before. Hear the songs of melancholy. All they need is a solace. Will I give my veins that their blood may flow again with their beating soothes?

Whisper, oh, wind..whisper again. That I may fall asleep. Solace, yes, it's all I need after the storm had wrecked my ship. Sing oh sea, sing again. That I may feel like safe in a cradle. Hide my shadow, light.., I want to feel again like a child.

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