Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Song of the Sea

everything is a maze,everything seems to be misleading..sometimes, we fall into a deep sleep where we never seem to wake up!oh, pour souls...living in the agony of their royaL brawls!this is their chosen fate!woe to them, VAI DOM!woe to them! for i may never know...these sharp rebukes are crawling like that of a falling dome..and beneath, valor..may you be known, for enmity is spreading and fooling my soul.

hark the glassy hidden bridge of mankind's greatest doom! may it glaze through the shore and be lost on forever. cuz these plaints may be found in the piteous smile of rivalry. it can mock even the loneliest sea!

when i dream, i dream of endless goodbyes...i dream of sufferings and longings!of weary, weary souls..yes...they were living in the agony of their royaL BraWLs!!

oh, wind..come once again to me..
join me in the higher calling...
cuz tomorrow, i may never wake up..
so come soon and save me from this curse of aloneness.. cuz tomorrow, oh..tomorrow..if i let you go, i know i will regret that moment..sing to me your songs, maybe i might remember..maybe, yes..only maybe..cuz it's true..the sea waits...but it only waits for the right time...so don't take it any longer, for we might miss the chance!

sing, oh sea..sing again that i may fall asleep..solace, yes..it's all we need after the storm had wrecked our ship.
whisper oh wind, whisper again...that i may feel like safe in a cradle...light, let my shadow hide..i want to feel again like a child....

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