Thursday, August 5, 2010

Destroyers (excerpt)

Clouds...all a mist. Deceived by the uncertainty of the feelings. With that tame heart, caught by the fogs, rebelled against the falling stars.

Yet, how long can she endure? Can she survive alone? Can she see behind those clouds? No one, neither her twin knows. The dim of heavens show how high she was confused.

It was a mistake, and she was sure. She can feel was that flash of light in the sky, caused by the fondness of winds. How ruthless it can was the blue, their progeny. With their obscure words, it was her who only understands.

She saw it, the atmosphere discharge. She can feel it crawling inside her. Where would she go? Still she doesn't know. She wants to sail and be succumb by the waves, it's what I'm sure of. The raindrops are now falling. Hear them. They fall rapidly to the forests. I know, she would love to see them fall on those trees and vines. I know she knows, they were no longer stars to be called. But I know, she loves them.

'Cuz now, she can see, what's that foible inside her. That small weakness in her character. And still she was called a loser.

Look at her..lorn by the chastise of their chosen fate. Why would they want that fate? Why that foolishness? But I know, she loves the wind.., water always love the wind. See, what's that future she was going...

Lightning, would she just strike again?

Survive, oh thunder..roar a loud as you can. But she was a silence. Was it only an allusion? That massive clouds are not the solutions. Heed the wrath of heavens. I know, there she would just try to strike again.

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