Tuesday, August 3, 2010

February Plaints III

Silence is talking. it keeps on serenading me. "love me, not him" "yes, i will.." this is the end of my plaints and i want it to be the last.

come here, i will take you to the stairs. pease forgive me, for the light is blinding me, now i can't still see your face. please understand this, Silence is calling me. and please forgive me, for He said my heart doesn't belong to you, but to the guy on the white stairs. i'm sorry for he has been long waiting for me.

"forgive me, forgive me...
i conceived her too soon
forgive me, forgive me
she came before the full moon
forgive me, forgive me
if i let her die
i only wanted you to be free
and to love you with no lie"

now, silence is waiting, but lo! is this reality? i can hear Silence cry, and oh, it's telling me "don't loose your faith on me, my child." so i marveled at His words, and said, "forgive me, vai Dom, what have i done? did i deserve to die with no one?" Silence said, "No!but youre loosing faith on me! why did you looked below? the beasts are waiting there to devour you!look up, the guy on the white stairs is waiting for you.."

"No! i can't see! i was blinded with my frailties!" so together, we cried....

the Silence is whispering, the Silence is crying. I am embedded with my agonies, i was hidden behind her memories..

"why did You let me love him in my dreams?"

then, Silence sings His plaints, "oh, my poor child..oh, my beloved child...come here and take a rest because you are so tired.."

please, take the darkness away from me! oh, Silence..please hear my melancholy! the angel is waiting by the window. he wanted to sleep beside me, he wanted to steal me away from reality! Oh, angel, why are you so desperate in your sanction? who told you to reveal your wraths? who told you to steal my dreams? for in my past, i was only in desolation, but now my fears are coming back! oh, LOVE's most faithful enemy, FEAR flee away from me! For Silence is waiting, and this would be the end of my plaints. Love is now in her bed, just waiting for the Silence' serenade..

forgive me,forgive me..
don't loose your faith on me

"oh life, life
you are so cruel to those 
who never wait..
so i will wait 
until i come to know
who owns that face..."

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