Friday, August 6, 2010


Descent of I am with myself again. Destiny, why did you ruined them? I am but a deprived nominee of an unseen hand. Uncertain of immeasurable empire, hid me here with my anxieties. Here in the abyss of unchosen fate.

But would that I had wished to help them. I would had just perished. But what could I do, they are all now divided. I can't go where they are. I am just drifting here alone. I thought it is for good. My heart is but a docile illusion of sober and grave.

Search me, here in desolation. Be cautious in taking your steps, often it is in depth but sometimes it is as hollow as fear of death. I am in revolution and uncertainty. I was trapped in this dark place where e'en wind cannot escape.

Ye, of noble mind and soul, you are all but free. And what can I see, your hearts are filled with deceits. You are all lured with selfish deeds. Was it because you love each other too much? But why would you fly just to fall. Did you wish to climb, to jump to that lying pit of mankind's hole? It was almost as blue as the bluish black space. Wind, help me to breathe for I can't stand them. They thought that you Fate is inevitable for them to see.

In that galaxy, I can feel but we were all but falling planets. Our lights were in dim. The stars are crashing, all but declining. Why did a curse was put on us? Why can't we live this lonely life? Will we die all in vain, with that epitaph in an unseen place? But we can fly again, only our wings were torn by the war. So we can't fly again. No. E'en just by holding each other,for faith was lost amidst our wonders.

And yet, it was the air of dignity.., yes it was the soft breeze. The brush of the soft breeze in my cheeks. It was a gentle tune, that aided me with the whirl of adversity. I know it will last to heal me with those wounds. Gale, it was your strong current, that rumor..that power of breathing. It was not just an empty talk. It was that air, bearing a scent.

Mystery..puzzled by the mourning age of truths and beliefs. I would like to go where you maybe, but I can't leave my duty. Behind, some mornings will be surrounded by those fictitious smiles. I would swear they were all but lies.

Underneath, there was a windstorm. I can see it and I can feel it. But for Humanity, I can't leave. For in this place I have promises to keep. I can't help but wince myself.

I bid on you..for I can't go where you maybe. But how I wish to see you all. I would blow the mocks of those  greedy souls.., they who are trying to capture you with their deceiving words.

But as of now, hide me here with your silence, here in your touch of gentleness. My hands are none but a licensed poet. With those dignified treasures of laughter, your unseen dimension will be mine - whispering in an autumn day. You can keep me safe as long as I can feel you blow..
Maritel in the Nebula of Aloneness

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